Auto Detailing

Express Wash:       
(Inside and Outside)                                     

Auto                                                                        $59

Small SUV                                                              $65

SUV/Van                                                                 $75

Truck                                                                      $70

Ultimate Wash:     
(Inside, Outside, Tar Removal, Wax)

Auto               $99     

Small SUV     $105

SUV/Van $125

Truck          $129    


Motor Cycles:                                                 $59.00*

(Complete Wash, Wax and chrome polish)

**Prices may be adjusted depending on estimated time spent, any additional costs will be disclosed prior to vehicle clean up.

What is included in the packages:
  • Outside –   (pre-soak, hand wash, wheels, tires, wheel wells, hand dry, door jams, windows cleaned.)
  • Inside     –   (vacuum, clean interior, shampoo mats, light shampoo interior if needed, interior windows, paper floor mat.)
  • Wax        –   (hand glazed cleaner polish wax, removal, and necessary scratch removal.)


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